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Winston Scores for NFL Players in Saints “Bounty” Case

In a case that made headlines throughout the nation—Winston & Strawn scored an historic victory for the NFL Players Association and NFL players Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove, and Will Smith. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had suspended the three players for their alleged roles in a “pay-for-performance/bounty” program created and run by defensive coaches for the New Orleans Saints. Specifically, he issued an arbitration decision in July 2012 in which he concluded that the Saints so-called “bou

Solo in Seattle: A Guide for Foodies

And then there was the highlight of it all. The apotheosis of my Seattle culinary adventure: Le Pichet. Alissa Vaughn said that Le Pichet was "the perfect place to grab a bite and a glass of wine." I decided to swing by for a quick lunch before my flight back to San Francisco, and suddenly I found myself transported from the rainy streets of Seattle to a cafe in Paris. The menu was simple but superb, and my “quick bite” turned into a half carafe of vino, an octopus salad, and a large array of various charcuterie, pâtés , and cheeses. Needless to say, I devoured every single bite.